Science of Intelligence

Dimitri Coelho Mollo speaks at TEDxHUBerlin

There’s one more reason not to miss this year’s edition of TEDxHUBerlin on 17 April 2021: it features our member Dimitri Coelho Mollo!

The event, called “AI: A Tough Love” explores the connection between the calculating machine and the human being, and attempts to understand in what ways do the worlds of humans, nature, and technology collide.

Throughout the afternoon, six great speakers will take a snapshot of today’s AI world to reflect on the current state of affairs, to present AI as an innovation accelerator, to take a look at possible threats or to give a creative outlook on how our future can be shaped by Machine Learning, Big Data & Co.
In particular, Dimitri will focus on how understanding intelligence in all its aspects is central for the progress of AI, calling for a unifying approach that brings together neural networks, symbolic processing, and robotics.

Check out the website for tickets and further info: