Application timeline 2022

24 October:               Call for applications
24 November:           Application deadline
25 Nov–8 Dec:          Application review
9 December:             Invitation to interview
9–13 January:          Q&A Sessions (4-6 time slots)
16–18 January:        Symposium and interviews
Starting dates:           Summer / Fall
Contract duration:     36 months (3 years)


A closer look:

All complete applications are reviewed by the subcommittees, comprised by members associated with the project. Each application is reviewed by a minimum three subcommittee members.
Successful applicants receive an invitation to Berlin for a personal interview and project presentation at the symposium. Travel costs will be either fully or at least partially covered by SCIoI.
For the personal interview and the project presentation, you must prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation for the symposium, followed by a personal interview with the subcommittees. While the symposium is open to all, only the members of the subcommittees will take part in the interviews.
In some cases, representatives from Human Resources or the Equal Opportunities office will be present (in an observing role only).
Successful applicants usually receive their confirmation of acceptance within one week from the interview.
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