To fulfill SCIoI’s research and educational mission, we seek to establish a climate that welcomes and promotes respect for the entire variety of human experience. We welcome people from all backgrounds and we seek to include knowledge and values from many (scientific) cultures. We are committed to work toward a research environment that values individual and group diversity. We engage in activities and programs which further our understanding of individual and group diversity and will develop and communicate policies and promote values that discourage intolerance and discrimination.

SCIoI is currently recruiting.

See: Open Positons

Members of the Admissions Committee receive training on gender, diversity, and equal opportunities.
To enable people from all backgrounds to apply for positions within SCIoI, travel costs for  interviews will be covered.
We offer childcare during all job interviews upon request. Applicants traveling with children may also be eligible to get reimbursed for their children’s travel costs. Please contact our office.

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