Airbound, the CollActive Materials exhibition, opens on 19 October at CLB Berlin

As many will remember, last spring we were busy organising and running our CollActive Materials workshops. In these workshops, we began an inspiring two-way conversation with the general public, guiding participants through a speculation about possible futures and prompting them to design the object we will need. The outcome of the three workshops will now be presented in a three-week-long exhibition called “Airbound“, opening on 19 October and taking place at CLB Berlin. The exhibition is also connected to two additional workshops on 21 October (in German) and 4 November (in English).
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From molecule to atmosphere: the global climate crisis and the possible futures of our coexistence will be decided by means of air. We are “airbound” – bound through air. How can we create a sense of what is coming? And what will connect us in the future?

The exhibition Airbound features climate fictions and speculative everyday scenarios – developed in an open process by collaborators from society, science, and design. Through speculative installations, Airbound provides space to discuss urgent geopolitical issues. At stake are the contested knowledge of the climate, the destructive use of joint resources, and the injustices that are inherently connected. Air is critically bound to these – as collective, active, and intelligent material.

The interactive exhibits problematize the technical promises of climate engineering and life under the pressure of ever-increasing emissions. They present designerly and research-based approaches to what air carries with it and to the intimate processes of breathing. What kind of air would we inhabit once climatic tipping points have been passed? In which ways do local approaches and other technologies offer hope? What new (breathing) practices and routines are we developing as individuals and collectives?

Upcoming events:

Oct 19
Exhibition Vernissage, CLB Berlin

Oct 20
Public guided tourCLB Berlin
(in German)

Oct 21
Speculative Workshop, CLB Berlin
(in German, registration required)

Nov 04
Speculative Workshop, Museum für Naturkunde
(in English, registration required)

Nov 09


The exhibition and all accompanying events and workshops are free of charge.

CollActive Materials is a BUA-funded science communication joint project of SCIoI and Matters of Activity, combining materials and intelligence in a constant dialogue with the general public.

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