Science of Intelligence

What are the principles of intelligence, shared by all forms of intelligence, no matter whether artificial or biological, whether robot, computer program, human, or animal? And how can we apply these principles to create intelligent technology? Answering these questions - in an ethically responsible way - is the central scientific objective of the Cluster Science of Intelligence (SCIoI).

Our objective.

Understanding intelligence is one of the great scientific challenges of our time. Yet in spite of extensive research efforts spanning many scientific disciplines, our understanding remains fragmented and incomplete. Until now, the involved disciplines were segregated, each producing its own theories and empirical findings about aspects of intelligence. But these theories and findings remain disconnected and sometimes inconsistent. SCIoI marks a turning point: It attains cohesion among those disciplines and is a unified scientific endeavor towards an understanding of intelligence.


To reveal the principles of intelligence is a long term goal. Therefore, the cluster is devoted to the training of the next generation of intelligence researchers. This next generation of researchers will be “natives” in our Science of Intelligence and will ensure a deep and lasting integration of the disciplines.


Intelligence research is fundamental science but has and will continue to have an immediate impact on industry and society. Hence, it is our responsibility to transfer our knowledge by public engagement and mutually beneficial collaborations with companies.