SCIoI Courses

The Berlin Senat has been supporting SCIoI since the very beginning. This year, the Senate has granted us funding for various teaching projects. Designed and organised by SCIoI doctoral students and supervised by their respective PIs, these projects give SCIoI researchers the opportunity to divulge their SCIoI research through teaching opportunities within the Berlin universities. These projects are also a way for SCIoI to enhance and expand its international network of scientists by inviting notable speakers to participate in the teaching program.
The courses can also be used as part of the SCIoI Master's Track program and of the curriculum of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. For these purposes, our Executive Board has selected nine projects out of fourteen, as described in the following overview.

SCIoI Teaching Projects: Overview

Interested in one of the projects in particular?
For information or to enrol in the projects, please click on the respective links below: activated courses are indicated in bold.

Active Sensing
Mind, Body, Environment: An Interactive Seminar on Embodied Intelligence
Communicating Hot Topics in Intelligence Research
Introduction to Swarm Robotics: Where Complexity Meets Robotics
Introduction to Modelling Collective Behavior
Quantitative Approaches to Behavior
Selected Topics in Robot Learning
Dynamic Vision Tracking Methods in Computer Vision
Artificial Social Intelligence