Course Title

Selected Topics in Robot Learning


Course Description

This course focuses on recent advances in Robot Learning, the field at the intersection of robotics and machine learning. We will go over a list of research topics, discussing recent articles and following talks of invited speakers. The course includes seven invited talks by different internationally renowned experts. In the week before each talk, students read articles connected to the talk topic (authored by the speaker or their group), and present the selected works. We will provide a list of paper suggestions, such that up to three students could present during each session. At the start of the course, each student selects one scientific article from the provided list, which the student reads and presents.

Furthermore, students prepare a summary report for the paper, by researching related works and comparing articles. The seminar grade is based on the paper presentation and the summary report.

  • Presentation: The paper is presented during one of the seminar sessions. The presentation is maximum 20 minutes with a 5 minutes Q&A.
  • Summary Report: summarize the main ideas of the paper, its methodology, compare to related articles. Report needs to be submitted one week after the last invited speaker session.

In addition to their assigned paper, students will be encouraged to read additional literature and prepare for the sessions and talks by reading the suggested articles.


Course Organizer

Svetlana Levit


Course Format

Preferably in-person, but online option possible


Target Group

TU Berlin Computer Science students, TU Berlin SCIoI Track students, Level: Master


Course Structure

#1 21-25.10.24

Introduction Topics presentation; Instructions on presenting and report writing

#2 28.10.-1.11.24

Group discussion (40min), Kick-Off presentations (max 20 x2 min)

#3 4-8.11.24

Invited Talk: Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar (Uni Edinburgh) Robotics and AI: new trends

#4 11-15.11.24

Student presentations

#5 18-22.11.24

Invited Talk: Prof. Oliver Krömer (CMU) Learning skills through physical interaction

#6 25-29.11.24

Student presentations

#7 2-6.12.24

Invited Talk: Prof. Rudolf Lioutikov (KIT) Imitation Learning

#8 9-13.12.24

Student presentations

#9 16-20.12.24

Invited Talk: Prof. Jeannette Bohg (Stanford) Perception and Learning for Manipulation

#10 13-17.01.25

Student presentations

#11 20-24.01.25

Invited Talk: Dr. Oier Mees (UC Berkeley) Autonomous learning & language grounding


27-31.01.25 Student presentations

#13 3-7.02.25

Invited Talk: Dr. Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (Inria) Developmental AI

#14 10-14.02.25

Student presentations

#15 17-21.02.25

Invited Talk: Prof. Pulkit Agrawal (MIT) Sensorimotor learning; Cognitive science and Neuroscience in