From pandemics to climate change, study of collective behaviour must become "crisis discipline," researchers argue Washington/ Berlin, June 17, 2021 /UW News, J. Holtz/ BN, C. Duppé / Social media and other forms of communication technology radically restructured the global flow of information. These platforms are driven to maximize engagement and profitability, not to ensure sustainability or accurate

The wait has ended! On 20 July 2021, Berlin's universities will finally inaugurate the Humboldt Labor, a space for scientific exchange and exhibitions housed inside the newly rebuilt Berliner Schloss. Based on the interactions between the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and society, the Humboldt Labor aims to voice scientific concerns about man-made changes to the environment, but

We are extremely proud to announce that SCIoI member Rebecca Lazarides has been promoted to the role of W3 professor at the University of Potsdam. Last week, she signed her certificate of appointment for "Schulpädagogik/Empirische Unterrichtsforschung" at Uni Potsdam after being offered two similar positions, one from anther university. This should give us all a sense of

Check out SCIoI's three great events organized for this edition of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (5 June 2021). We will have the SCIoI Science Pub Quiz (7:30pm), with many fun questions and trivia and interviews with our brilliant researchers Aravind Battaje and Lynn Schmittwilken , David Bierbach's Robofish demonstration (6:30 and 9:30pm), and a dialogue

Check out our Distinguished Lecture Series for 2021! Here's an overview: 29 April: Peter Dayan (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen) 27 May: Antje Nuthmann (University of Kiel) 24 June: Kou Murayama (University of Tübingen) 28 October: Cameron Buckner (University of Houston) 25 November: Iain Couzin (Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior/University of Konstanz) 16 December: Lars Chittka (Queen Mary, University of

Girls’ Day/Mädchen-Zukunftstag, happening digitally on 22 April, provides school girls around Germany with a day of informative activities aimed at guiding them in their career choices, focusing on career paths where women are usually underrepresented. Every year, enterprises, universities, and research centers are invited to organize an open day for girls. For Girls' Day 2021, SCIoI member

Five young researchers from across Africa have joined SCIoI this month for a fully funded fellowship The Global South Exchange Program (GSEP) was initiated by Science of Intelligence in order to grant fully funded scientific fellowships to Master’s level students from across Africa who wish to gain research experience in a subject of their interest within our

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