Great news from the Humboldt Labor! In addition to the already existing exhibition Nach der Natur, which features SCIoI through videos and installations, the Humboldt Lab also just inaugurated the SCIoI-MPIB joint experiment on individual and collective decision-making processes by our member Ralf Kurvers, which playfully investigates how visitors make judgments and how they incorporate the judgments of others.

Applying Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s views to human and robotic learners’ imitation processes One of the aims of our cluster’s research is to facilitate communication between robotics and psychology. To do that, we apply key concepts of social learning in humans to understand how they correspond in robotics. A conference paper by Murat Kirtay, Johann Chevalère, Rebecca Lazarides,

Together with the other Berlin clusters, Science of Intelligence is featured at the new exhibition Nach der Natur at the Humboldt Labor. The installation, which opened to the public on 20 August, presents Berlin's research panorama through objects, texts, interactive activities, and videos. Click here to view SCIoI's video introduction as presented at the exhibition.   (Copyright Time Prints

From pandemics to climate change, study of collective behaviour must become "crisis discipline," researchers argue Washington/ Berlin, June 17, 2021 /UW News, J. Holtz/ BN, C. Duppé / Social media and other forms of communication technology radically restructured the global flow of information. These platforms are driven to maximize engagement and profitability, not to ensure sustainability or accurate

The wait has ended! On 20 July 2021, Berlin's universities will finally inaugurate the Humboldt Labor, a space for scientific exchange and exhibitions housed inside the newly rebuilt Berliner Schloss. Based on the interactions between the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and society, the Humboldt Labor aims to voice scientific concerns about man-made changes to the environment, but

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