Press release by IGB/SCIoI, 4 October 2022 Schooling fish, moving synchronously in the water are a fascinating sight, but what most surprises viewers is the speed at which they change direction, and how coordinated these sudden movements are: how do they do that? In human ball sports, professional players can anticipate their teammates’ movements, and this allows them to

In order to foster integration between different projects belonging to many different disciplines, some groups of SCIoI members working on different topics have been organising bi-weekly integration hackathons where researchers come together and brainstorm ways to maximise interactions between their projects. This has proven very successful: for example, in our latest hackathons in the month of August,

We are excited to announce that starting in mid-September, SCIoI will be welcoming two Einstein Visiting Fellows, Elke Weber from Princeton University and Eric Johnson from the Center for Decision Sciences at Columbia University. Elke Weber and Eric Johnson will be affiliated with the Einstein Center Climate Change, which links climate research with behavioral sciences and economics,

What should robots do in the future? Is simulation the way forward for robotics? What do we want from robotics systems that learn? These are just some of the questions that were addressed at this year's Berlin Summit on Robotics this last 25–27 July.  Every year, this three-day event brings together leading researchers in robotics and related

The Cluster of Excellence SCIoI aims to support Ukrainian scientists continuing their scientific work in Germany and start new collaborations. An active participation of the fellows in SCIoI research groups and networks is intended. During the funding period, SCIoI supports the fellows in the preparation of project proposals for the acquisition of third-party funding.  Who can be supported? The

We are excited to announce that Nicolas Roth has received a SCIoI Research Grant to continue working on his project for an extra six months, fully funded by SCIoI! Congratulations from the whole cluster! These grants aim to give excellent PhD students the opportunity to apply for an additional six months of salary and consumables for their