We are thrilled to announce that the Humboldt University of Berlin recently appointed Science of Intelligence PI Pawel Romanczuk professor of Complexity Research in Adaptive Systems, starting on 1 January 2023. The professorship is a great acknowledgement of Pawel’s outstanding achievements in research and teaching in the field of collective intelligence. At SCIoI, Pawel’s research bridges analytical

Mathis Kaiser had a talk with Solveig Steinhardt Mathis, what does it mean to be a lab manager at SCIoI?  As lab managers, we facilitate researchers' access to the equipment and services they need to successfully carry out their experiments. We coordinate and manage lab usage, purchase and document equipment, and support researchers by developing and implementing technical

Many studies describe the collective behavior in sheep flocks or schooling fish as a self-organized process where individuals continuously adapt their direction and speed to follow the motion and collective decisions of the group – as if the only leading force were the "collective brain" itself. This view, however, does not take into account that animals do

Experimental twin research: Personality differences from day one after birth despite identical genes and identical environment According to current knowledge, personality is determined by genetic predisposition and environmental influences. If genetically identical individuals grow up under identical conditions, are these individuals completely identical? So far, twin studies have reached their limits in answering this fundamental question.

Imitation is a vital skill that humans leverage in various situations. Humans achieve imitation by observing others with apparent ease. Yet, in reality, it is computationally expensive to model on artificial agents (e.g., social robots) to acquire new skills by imitating an expert agent. Although learning through imitation has been extensively addressed in the robotic literature, most

This year's Berlin Science Week is filled with great events, and SCIoI has three exciting appointments scheduled: On Saturday, 5 November (9–11am), we will be spending the morning at the Naturkundemuseum with two simultaneous events. The first event is a dialogue between Dafna Burema and Jonas Frenkel on AI and ethics. A few doors down, the