Four Mice From Above Dataset


The “Four Mice From Above” dataset consists of videos of four mice freely moving through a cage that is filmed from above through a transparent lid. The recordings can be used to test multiple-object tracking algorithms with varying occlusions.

The mice were video-recorded under ten different environmental enrichment conditions; i.e., for each video segment different enrichment items were provided to the mice. The more objects were present, the more occlusions could occur. In all occlusion conditions, the cage floor was covered with wooden bedding material and shredded cotton cocoons. In the most crowded occlusion condition, there are a transparent tunnel, a house with a running plate, some paper strips, and paper towel, which offered the mice lots of options to hide from the camera and should be challenging for any tracker.

For more information see the related publication:

Dolokov, A., Andresen, N., Hohlbaum, K., Thöne-Reineke, C., Lewejohann, L., & Hellwich, O. (2023). Upper Bound Tracker: A Multi-Animal Tracking Solution for Closed Laboratory Settings. VISAPP 2023…..


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