Kai Shaman

Student assistant
Mail: kai.shaman1991@gmail.com


Kai Shaman is a student assistant at SCIoI working on two research projects: “Multimodal Interaction and Communication” (which  investigates the processing of multimodal information in human-human, human-robot, and robot-robot interaction using behavioral, EEG and fMRI methods) and “Knowledge-Augmented Face Perception” (which involves integrating the top-down processes characteristic for human face perception into synthetic face processing).

Currently, Kai is enrolled in the Master’s degree program “Mind and Brain” of The Berlin School of Mind and Brain. He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philology (with a focus on the role of identity in communication) and a further Master’s degree in Sociology (concentrating on the role of technology in social interaction). His main interests include social and cultural neuroscience, neurolinguistics, and the potential of technology for understanding and extending human cognition.