Post-doc positions in SCIoI

Science of Intelligence offers interesting opportunities for post-docs. The interdisciplinary cluster allows them to broaden their research portfolio and to acquire a unique research profile. By default, all post-doc positions at SCIoI are full-time. But on request they can also be made part-time, e.g. to raise a child. We are currently hiring post-docs from technical disciplines. Please see the job offers below:

Project specific post-doc positions

We have many interesting and interdisciplinary projects in SCIoI. Please look at the list of open post-doc positions if you are interested.

Cross-cutting post-doc positions

Technical and non-technical scientific disciplines cooperate in SCIoI to research intelligence in biological and artificial systems. This opens up rewarding opportunities for post-docs from technical disciplines to support our researchers from the analytical disciplines in our interdisciplinary research approach. The interaction between PIs from analytical disciplines and post-docs from synthetic disciplines is mutually benefiting both sides. Their cooperation enables new kinds of experiments and constitutes a rich learning experience. Post-docs become co-authors of the resulting publications, which allows them to acquire a unique research profile and to broaden their research portfolio.

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