Postdoctoral Project: Probing properties of recursive, hierarchical information processing in visual systems

Part of research project: Capabilities and consequences of recursive, hierarchical information processing in visual systems

Principal Investigators

Description of the postdoctoral project

The objective of this project is to set up a hierarchical functional architecture for synthetic perceptual systems, uncover potential consequences that can be tested psychophysically in these systems and compared to performance of humans. Potential constraints revealed by the data collected in human participants will help constrain and improve upon synthetic implementations. The goal is to derive intelligent principles of processing in hierarchical perceptual systems, discover discrepancies from these principles in biological implementations (i.e., in humans) and, ideally, determine the sources of these constraints. The postdoctoral candidate will be in charge of developing and critical psychophysical experiments in the domains of attention, adaptation, task-specificity, and multimodality in both human and robotic systems and closely collaborate with colleagues in robotics for this purpose.


Project start date: October 1, 2019

Please visit the website, which gives you access to the legally binding German version.


Applicants must hold a PhD in Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, or related fields at the time of the project start. Demonstrable skills in the following domains are required:

  • Strong interest in vision science
  • Experience in psychophysics and / or behavioral neuroscience
  • Programming in Matlab / Python / R for experimental control and data analysis
  • Willingness to engage in close collaboration with colleagues in robotics
  • Good command of the English language (spoken and written)


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