Author: zarifamohamad

SCIoI faculty member and PI Martin Rolfs (HU Berlin) is among the 301 outstanding researchers across Europe who were awarded one of the distinguished grants. Today, the European Research Council (ERC) published the names of the winners of the 2019 Consolidator Grants. In total, these grants are worth 600 million euro. The ERC grants are among the highest endowed

This week, SCIoI cluster speaker Professor Oliver Brock guested the Soft Robotics Podcast The podcast invites guests from academia and industry who discuss their latest research and the challenges that face soft robotics in the academic and industrial worlds. Host Marwa ElDiwiny spoke to SCIoI cluster speaker Professor Oliver Brock about the hype of using AI in robotics research to reproducibility problems

6 PhD and 5 Postdoc positions Cross-disciplinary research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, control, robotics, computer vision, behavioral biology, cognitive science, psychology, educational science, neuroscience, and philosophy. Starting dates: Summer / Fall 2020 Duration: 3 years Salary level: TV-L 13, 100% What are the principles of intelligence, shared by all forms of intelligence, no matter whether artificial or biological, whether robot,

Photo: Dr. Tobias Ripp SCIoI Postdoc Katharina Hohlbaum awarded with Dr. Wilma von Düring Research Prize 2019 On 25 June 2019, SCIoI postdoctoral researcher, Katharina Hohlbaum received the Dr. Wilma von Düring Research Prize for her doctoral thesis “Severity assessment of repeated anesthesia in mice—an objective investigation of animal-based indicators of well-being” (Beurteilung des Schweregrades von wiederholten Narkosen