Author: Valeria Becattini

PRESS RELEASE by Science of Intelligence 24 January 2023 Sheep are more democratic than you think Collective motion brings to mind fascinating images, such as the flocks of birds over a corn field, or schools of barracudas as they move in circles in the water. These motions are also particularly appealing to physicists, as the patterns that emerge lend

Experimental twin research: Personality differences from day one after birth despite identical genes and identical environment According to current knowledge, personality is determined by genetic predisposition and environmental influences. If genetically identical individuals grow up under identical conditions, are these individuals completely identical? So far, twin studies have reached their limits in answering this fundamental question.

In order to foster integration between different projects belonging to many different disciplines, some groups of SCIoI members working on different topics have been organising bi-weekly integration hackathons where researchers come together and brainstorm ways to maximise interactions between their projects. This has proven very successful: for example, in our latest hackathons in the month of August,

The Cluster of Excellence SCIoI aims to support Ukrainian scientists continuing their scientific work in Germany and start new collaborations. An active participation of the fellows in SCIoI research groups and networks is intended. During the funding period, SCIoI supports the fellows in the preparation of project proposals for the acquisition of third-party funding.  Who can be supported? The

We are excited to announce that Nicolas Roth has received a SCIoI Research Grant to continue working on his project for an extra six months, fully funded by SCIoI! Congratulations from the whole cluster! These grants aim to give excellent PhD students the opportunity to apply for an additional six months of salary and consumables for their

Last fall, the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) visited SCIoI to interview Doris Pischedda on her project (Project 9) and on the topics covered in her X-Student Research Group class, offered thanks to BUA funding.  The video of the interview is now online in the WissenAusBerlin Youtube channel, and introduces Doris's work on social intelligence in robots. As