Author: Solveig Steinhardt

Event cameras mimic the human eye to allow robots to navigate their environment. Science of Intelligence PI Guillermo Gallego, together with Shintaro Shiba and Yoshimitsu Aoki from Keio University in Japan, recently found a new approach to help minimize the related computational costs.  The new method used event camera data, just like the previous method, but also

Mathis Kaiser had a talk with Solveig Steinhardt Mathis, what does it mean to be a lab manager at SCIoI?  As lab managers, we facilitate researchers' access to the equipment and services they need to successfully carry out their experiments. We coordinate and manage lab usage, purchase and document equipment, and support researchers by developing and implementing technical

For a robot to navigate the real world, it needs to perceive the 3D structure of the scene while in motion and continuously estimate the depth of its surroundings. Humans do this effortlessly with stereoscopic vision — the brain’s ability to register a sense of 3D shape and form from visual inputs. The brain uses the disparity between

This year's Berlin Science Week is filled with great events, and SCIoI has three exciting appointments scheduled: On Saturday, 5 November (9–11am), we will be spending the morning at the Naturkundemuseum with two simultaneous events. The first event is a dialogue between Dafna Burema and Jonas Frenkel on AI and ethics. A few doors down, the