Author: Solveig Steinhardt

Intelligence research encompasses many different disciplines, from animal behavior and physics to psychology and robotics. Yet, it is often a fragmented endeavor; its research projects can be conceptually distant from one another, with few or no overlaps and connections between them. Bridging the gaps between those disciplines is crucial if we want to develop a comprehensive

Since 2021, the podcast "Exzellent erklärt – Spitzenforschung für alle" has made it its goal to report regularly from each of the 57 the Clusters of Excellence funded by the German Research Fund (DFG). In every episode, podcaster Larissa Vasilian holds a conversation with one or more cluster researchers, and the topics are as diverse as they are relevant

The Science of Intelligence Fair 2023 is quickly approaching: Read below for more information and registration information! What is intelligence? Is it the ability to understand complex math problems, or to do better than others in a chess game? Is it a number, or is it a set of rules? Is it something we can develop, or

With a time resolution of microseconds, six thousand times the contrast of conventional cameras, and potentially much smaller file sizes for the images, event cameras promise a revolution in photography. Unlike conventional cameras, they do not record entire images at once, but instead register only the changes in brightness (the "events") for each light-sensitive pixel separately.