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Pia Bideau

Postdoctoral researcher
mail: p.bideau@tu-berlin.de


Pia Bideau received her PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA) where she worked with Prof. Erik Learned-Miller, and has worked together with Cordelia Schmid and Karteek Alahari as part of an internship at Inria in Grenoble (France).
At SCIoI, she is a postdoctoral researcher working on projects integrating aspects from synthetic sciences and analytic sciences. In particular, her research focuses on our motion, as well as our motion perception, and attempts to answer questions such as: How can one teach a computer to see and understand the world as we humans do? What are the strengths of a computer vision system compared to a human vision system and what are the weaknesses? And how do we learn from each other?

Click here for Pia’s personal web page and for a list of her publications.

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